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- Complete design of industrial thermal insulation

- Industrial and architectural  passive fire protection
- Renovation of damp, mouldy, salt efflorescent (saltpeter) walls
- Internal side special thermal insulation
Wholesale and retail-sale distribution of materials
Our Company is the sole system owner and distributor of the special insulation material developed for the elimination of the above problems.
PROMATECT-MC (or MASTERCLIMA as called previously) is an 85% micro-capillary structured calcium-silicate insulation sheet.
It is perfectly suitable for desiccation of damp walls.
Due to its capillary suction effect, it dries the damp building structures within a short period of time.

As a result of its strong evaporating ability, it evaporates the water desiccated from the structure into the internal building area, then humidity is aerated through ventilation.

In case ventilation is not continuous, then it is capable of drip-proof storage of the waters desiccated from the structure (the 25 mm thick sheet is capable of storing more than 20 liter/m2 amount of water), which is later diffused upon ventilation. Until the sheet is entirely filled with water, its surface remains dry. Due to this feature mould fungus cannot grow on the surface. In addition to the dry surface, the material also inhibits growing of moulds on the surface. Its reaction (pH value) is approx. between 10-11, which is strongly alkaline, and mould fungus cannot grow in an alkaline environment! The working-life of the sheet is theoretically endless!

For the renovation of salt efflorescent (or saltpeter) walls use of the PROMATECT-MC plus is recommended. Its salt-storage capacity, thus its working-life due to the 85% capillary structure is outstanding.

Limitations of use:
Allowed moisture saturation of the structure is maximum 50%, and salinity in water is maximum 2 percentage by mass!

With the above parameters the working life of the PROMATECT-MC plus sheet is approximately 20-25 years in case of salt efflorescence problems.

Use of the sheet for internal-side heat insulation is possible as a result of the above features, since the sheet eliminates problems of increased dampness, which may occur in case of indoor thermal insulation!

Technical specifications:
- sheet dimensions:                                              500 x 1000 mm
- thickness:                                      25, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120 mm
- bulk density:                                                280 kg/m3 +/- 10%
- humidity diffusion resistance index (µ):                    btw. 4.5-5.9
- capillary content:                                                     at least 85%
- reaction (pH):                                                           btw. 10-11
- water absorption:                      at least 250 percentage by mass
- thermal diffusivity factor (λ):                               0.053 W/m2,K
- flammability:                                               A1, not inflammable

References: several million square meters applied in Europe, and 15,000 m2 surface in several hundred buildings in Hungary since 2004.

Our Company sells nearly all types of passive fire-protection materials applied for industrial and architectural purposes.

Professional consultancy, preparation of construction designs and installation in case of minor works are also part of our distribution activity.

Passive in this sense means application of fire-protection insulations:

Accordingly, we sell the following material types:


The overall design of thermal insulation of industrial facilities, be it -200 ºC temperature liquefied gas, or various equipment above +1000 ºC temperature.
E.g.: power plants, chemical plants, cement factories, metallurgic plants, etc…

Complete design includes the following activities:

- calculation of required insulating layer thickness
- determination of required insulation technology
- determination of required material quality grades
- preparation of material lists
- preparation of general layout and detailed drawings
in AutoCAD and/or .pdf file formats
- designer consultancy
- supervision of construction works.

In the course of our activities we apply the following Standards:

-DIN 4140:
Insulation Work on Industrial Installations and Building Equipment – Execution of Thermal and Cold Insulation

-VDI 2055:
Thermal Insulation for Heated and Refrigerated Industrial and Domestic Installations – Calculations, Guarantees, Measuring and Testing Methods, Quality Assurance, Supply Conditions

-AGI Q Working Documents: specifications,
technologies and quality assurance, etc. to be applied for miscellaneous type of thermal-insulation works
Our primary references from the past 5 years (2004-2009) include: